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Read This First: We aim to collaborate with our clients. We need to get know your business, your market, and your specific needs. Consequently, some form of consultation is needed before we can get to work for you. The exact service you need may not be on this list, or it may be a combination of what we list here. But this list should provide an idea of the kind of work we can do for you.

What is digital marketing? Well, in a sense it encompasses everything we do. We use the acronym S.W.E.P.S. to explain all that we mean by digital marketing.

S.) Social Media - this includes the services described above. We use social media platforms to reach customers and show that your business is involved in things online.
W.) Web Development - this includes the services described above, but the marketing aspect of it could include things like creating content that draws people's attention, gives them valuable information, and convinces them that they should do business with you.
E.) Email Marketing - This involves having a list of people, who sign up to receive email, that are promotional in content, but that often give your customers additional value for signing up. For example, sometimes in order to draw in business, companies will notify people on email lists of specials, or opportunities of that nature. This creates loyalty in your customers, and drastically increases the odds that they will continue doing business with you.
P.) Pay-per-click - Pay-per-click is service you may opt for which involves purchasing ad space at the top of Google's search results. It requires keyword research and analysis, and is a very effective way of generating leads, especially for businesses with little or no online presence.
S.) SEO - Search Engine Optimization was described above in more detail, but is essentially the process of getting your business to move up the list of results when people search for certain keywords on search engines like Google or Bing.

For more details on S.W.E.P.S. we highly recommend checking out this page by Cereal Entrepreneur:

What is SWEPS?

Need a website? We can help you with everything involved in developing a good-looking, functional, mobile-optimized website. We use Webflow to design our websites, giving us the ability to customize the site to suit your needs, rather than being stuck to a generic template.

The Website you're on now was made entirely by us. Design, logos, icons, copywriting, anything you can see right now. We may outsource some aspects of design for the sake of time, but we do most of it ourselves to ensure the outcome matches your vision.

We give our clients the opportunity be as involved as they want to be in the design process. We are all about collaborating in order to incorporate ideas you may have in mind. We are designing YOUR website.

Websites, ads, social media profiles and more all need nice digital graphics. We can produce the content you need to look good online. Or maybe you have an idea for your company logo but don't have the time or ability to bring it to life. We can help with that, too.

People want to see at images. It's too easy to scroll by lots of text, but a nice vector can make a person stop and read the words associated with it. Graphic design goes hand-in-hand with our other services. We did all the graphic design for our website! So if you like the looks of our graphic design work, then let us get your business looking appealing to your online customers.

Search Engine Optimization is a must-have in this day and age. The number of people who rely on search engines to find nearby businesses and services is high, and it's only going to increase.

We stay up to date on what search engines like Google are looking for in a website they want to display at the top of search results, and we make your website to fit their criteria. If you want more leads, SEO is what you needs. (note: Rhyming does not help with SEO.)

SEO involves a lot of technical work behind the scenes. We use an arsenal of tools and understanding to get your website to the top of the list. This helps your customers find you, instead of your competition.

A growing number of potential customers are becoming active on social media. It's not just for young people anymore. The highest demographic of Facebook users is people ages 18-44. Even beyond age 44, there is a significant amount of activity.

When we list social media as a service, we mean everything from optimizing your business' presence on certain platforms, to creating ad campaigns on those platforms. Getting involved with social media is a great way to reach your customers and generate leads.

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