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What is Novursa?

The Name

An explanation of the name seems like a good place to start. What does it mean? The easiest way to explain it is to take you back to when people used to navigate using the stars. Think old ships, pirates even, and uncharted waters. The sea was a scary place. In countless ancient myths, the sea represents chaos and danger, and for good reason. The sea has claimed the lives of many, and is the home of creatures so large and threatening that they may as well be considered monsters. However, skilled navigators began using the stars above as a means of taming the sea, and using it for profit. The threatening chaotic waters held a potential like no other. They connected people, and those who could use the sea could tap in to the source of vast fortunes.

One of the most well known constellations used for navigating was Ursa Major, the great bear, also known as 'The Big Dipper'. It's so easy to identify that for most people, it's the one constellation they can actually find when gazing at the night sky. It can be used to easily find the North Star, and from there, you can navigate.

Today, the great ocean of potential is the internet. And arguably, it's even more chaotic than the sea, as it is constantly evolving. It's complex, and intimidating to a lot of people, but just like the sea, it holds immeasurable potential.

Just as people needed, and still need, navigators to help them utilize the power of the sea, people need help using the internet to take their business, and more, to the next level. People need another reliable constellation like Ursa Major. That's where Novursa - the 'New Ursa' comes in.

Novursa is here to guide you. Look to us.

Our Mission

Novursa offers digital marketing services by partnering with businesses, analyzing their online potential, identifying goals, and implementing the necessary steps to reach those goals in order to help businesses grow and provide better service to their customers, adding value to their communities and to the lives in their communities.

We aim to collaborate with business-owners, to work with and for them, and to get results. We believe in helping business owners that help their communities, and we believe that the internet can and must be used to accomplish that goal.

Our work involves getting to know our clients and their communities. We make observations, do research, and gather data. We use our observations to come up with ways to improve things.

And then we do it.

We set sail, unlocking the potential of the web and using it to boost sales, improve lives and communities, and inspire others to venture out themselves.

Our mission is to overcome, and create overcomers.

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